Get A Term Life Insurance Without A Medical Exam

No Med Life Insurance

If you are looking for Term Life insurance without a medical exam due to one of the following conditions:


More than likely you will not get the coverage you are looking forward.

That’s where we come in. We specialize in No Medical Life Insurance. Sometimes called Life insurance No Medical Exam. Or commonly referred to as Guaranteed Life Insurance.

While there are many different insurance options, no exam life insurance has several important benefits specifically for persons with medical conditions.

There could be many reasons for the popularity of this policy type, but it is certainly proven to be the policy of choice for those that need less stringent stipulations even if they do mean paying a higher premium.

Offering a premium that is not attached to a scathing medical examination is not a new concept, but the modern citizen is in better health and with improved life expectancy than were common twenty or even ten years ago.

Senior Life Insurance

This trend in better health has encouraged insurance providers to offer term life insurance without a medical exam to most persons at a better price.This trend in better health has encouraged insurance providers to offer term life insurance without a medical exam to clients at a better price.

 With a senior citizen’s no exam insurance policy, things are different. The insurance company does not apply such severe guidelines to their policy premiums.Insurance companies will typically rely on the age of the applicant and the answers to some more important health-related questions as well as a few other non-medical issues that could influence the ideal rates for the benefits provided.

How long is the policy valid for?

The coverage found here is a lot like that found in term-life insurance, where the applicant is provided with coverage for a specific amount of time. This could be ten to twenty years or more depending on the insurance policy. There are other options that have become pretty standard in the market. Other than Term Insurance, there’s permanent coverage as well. A permanent policy or whole life policy gives you the security of knowing that you can not outlive your policy. With Term life insurance you may outlive your policy and leave your loved ones without the financial security you planned on.

When it comes to a Guaranteed issued type of policy, there may be some things to consider.

When is Life Insurance without Physical Exam Considered the Best Option for Clients?

The Current of Health Conditions:

Those who have undergone serious health issues in the past may find that term life insurance or permanent with no medical exam would be the only choice they have.Those that have long-lasting health conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis or heart conditions may also benefit from the no exam life insurance policy.

No Med Life Insurance

Better Premiums:

Many of the most reputable insurance providers offer very competitive rates over their competition. This is a good reason to choose no exam life insurance especially for the seniors over 50 years of age. Lower premiums add intrinsic value to the policy providing coverage.

Having a qualified agent on your side can really make the difference in your final policy decision. From personal experience, I have found that insurance companies have internal specialties. What I mean by this is that you may have 15 companies that cater to the hard to place policies. Withing those 15 companies, some may have a really good underwriting department that understands Diabetics, another High Blood Pressure, and even another with expertise for those with Heart conditions. It’s expertise within expertise.



With the no exam term life insurance, or the No med Permanent coverage, the underwriting process is faster. The benefits can even be enjoyed by the following day which is a real opportunity for people looking for coverage. Don’t be fooled by ads that claim that they can get a 50-year-old male with high cholesterol and high blood pressure a 10-year term policy for $56 per month.

This sounds great.. Until a full medical is conducted and the premium goes from $56 to $256 per month. This individual may have been better served to go with the No Exam option.

Of course, you will still need to take the time to compare the premiums. Coverage and policy details as well as arrange payments methods for the policy you choose. But this is a straightforward process and requires little paperwork. To sum it up. Don’t make a decision on your choice of companies without consulting a Licensed Life Insurance Professional.

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